What happens when you beat the Planetarium in Risk of Rain 2

Chance of rain 2 received his Void Survivors DLC last week, introducing dozens of new items, enemies, and two new survivors, but it also added a new area called the Planetarium. As players progress Chance of rain 2, new world events and enemies appear through randomly generated levels. While most of the new levels offer unique aesthetics, the Planetarium is a prime destination for players looking to unlock hidden features in the DLC. While Void Survivors offers a lot of new content for players, the planetarium prevents to unlock and encounter several new characters, enemies and activities.


Chance of rain 2 is a multiplayer roguelike game that follows a stranded crew escaping from a hostile alien planet. Players can choose from a selection of fourteen survivors, with a fifteenth unlockable if players complete and acquire special items each round. Items, enemies and levels are randomized with each run, making each session a unique adventure. Additionally, players can access multiple hidden areas by defeating special enemies and activating hidden shrines across levels. While these requirements aren’t always obvious, the game has been around long enough to create a consistent guide for most players. The Planetarium is one of those places where players may need help accessing and completing.

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Now that Hopoo Games is out Chance of rain 2it’s Void Survivors expansion, players can finally access new content to revitalize the game. The biggest additions are two new Survivor characters: the Railgunner and the Void Fiend. While the first is unlocked, players must travel to the Planetarium and escape unscathed to unlock the Void Fiend. While there are many lore entries, items, and enemies to collect and defeat in this strange place, players can also experience a unique, unobtainable ending by defeating Mithrix, King of Nothing. However, the planetarium is shrouded in mystery like many places and creatures in ROR2.

Where is the planetarium in risk of rain 2?

On average Chance of rain 2 run, players typically complete five unique stages and travel through their teleporters to access the moon of Pelagio V. After defeating Mithrix, King of the Void, survivors must then board a rescue ship before the moon does not explode. However, the planetarium offers a new destiny for survivors brave enough to explore it. As players progress through Chance of rain 2 with its new extension, there are multiple possibilities to access the new area. Survivors can access the planetarium through a purple portal that players can find in the bazaar between times in a tunnel under the blue portal. A purple portal can also appear when players complete a teleport event, but this is down to random chance. The final option is to defeat Mithrix on the moon, abandon the rescue ship, and return to the starting stage area to pet a frog. Unfortunately, players must have a minimum of ten Lunar Coins to pet the frog and spawn the purple portal to enter the Empty Fields, one of the areas before the planetarium.

How do players complete the In Risk Of Rain 2 Planetarium?

Chance of Rain 2 Planetarium

Empty fields are the first step to access Chance of rain 2the Planetarium’s secret boss. To pass the empty fields, survivors must break through the nine cells located throughout the level. Like teleport events, players must fight off waves of enemies to charge each cell. It is recommended that groups of four players enter empty fields to ensure the maximum chance of success, as single players and duos can be easily overwhelmed. Once the groups defeat all available enemy waves, a void portal will open. However, players should not enter the void portal and should wait for the empty portal to open instead. Then the closest available survivor must select the empty locus slot.

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The Void Locus is the final stage before players enter the Planetarium and features similar mechanics to Void Fields. Once these signals are activated, a protective shield will appear around the party and enemies will begin to spawn throughout the arena. After defeating these waves, players must return to the top of the Hidden Realm and enter the Final Portal to access the Planetarium. Unlike all the other steps published in Chance of rain 2the planetarium only features a boss fight with accompanying mechanics and passive mobs scattered throughout the level.

Unlike most bosses Chance of rain 2, the Planetarium contains the Voidling with three boss fight phases. The new Railgunner can use his sniper rifle to attack the Voidling’s eye for maximum damage, but players must avoid his projectiles. Most are extremely slow and require minimal movement to dodge, but players must seek cover to escape its laser and avoid their Black Hole power. In each phase, players must use portals through the level and platform to return to the Voidling. Each phase follows this pattern, forcing players to effectively kill the Voidling and escape through the final portal to unlock an alternate ending and a new playable character.

Void Fiend is the Planetarium Reward for Chance of Rain 2

Chance of Rain 2 Void Fiend

Once players complete the planetarium and reach the menu again, they will receive Chance of rain 2it’s Locked DLC character: The Void Fiend. The Void Fiend must carefully balance its damage with its Corruption as a medium to long range attacker. The Void Fiend has a passive skill called Void Corruption which constantly raises or lowers the corruption gauge to switch the character between forms. Drowning and Corrupted Drowning are the Void Fiend’s primary methods of attack, firing infinite beams of energy to decimate his foes. Flood and Corrupt Flood are charged secondary attacks with +1100% damage capacity. Like all Survivors, the Void Fiend has a unique movement ability called Trespass and Corrupted Trespass that shoots the player in a vertical or sideways arc. Unlike most survivors who deal damage with their special moves, the Void Fiend has an ultimate power that increases (or lowers) its corruption gauge by 25% in both forms depending on the player’s current form. Nonetheless, the Void Fiend is a valuable addition to the game’s roster of survivors and worth the trip to the planetarium.

Chance of rain 2Void Fiend’s secret character features unique gameplay mechanics that enhance the roguelike gaming experience. Although there are many roguelike games to choose from, like underworld and FTL, Chance of rain 2Gameplay and lore offer a new adventure in an oversaturated gaming industry. Planetarium spawning conditions and boss battle provide a great experience of what makes Chance of rain 2 unique and should be one of the first destinations sought by DLC owners and their parties. Risk of Rain 2: Void Survivors is now available on Steam.

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