University of Nebraska at Kearney Planetarium restarts Friday | Local news

Constellation artwork can be viewed in the University of Nebraska at Kearney Planetarium. The monthly planetarium shows will begin on Friday.

University of Nebraska at Kearney, courtesy

By ASHLEY BEBENSEE, Hub Staff Editor

KEARNEY – People can take a trip closer to the stars at the upcoming free shows at the University of Nebraska at the Kearney Planetarium.

The spring show season kicks off Friday at 7 pm with the presentation of the “James Webb Telescope” with Dr Adam Jensen. Jensen will also host “Understanding Other Worlds” at 8:15 pm Friday at the Planetarium. All planetarium events are free, but tickets are required. They can be obtained at

When Jensen turns on the lights and the night sky envelops the planetarium dome, he often surprises viewers. The moon, planets, and stars appear within easy reach as Jensen shows off the constellations and the Andromeda galaxy against the inky black sky. The works of art show where the stars come together to form different constellations in the sky.

Adam jensen

Adam jensen

“It’s an experience that I think a lot of people don’t have,” Jensen said.

The planetarium shows are a mixture of scientific talk and use of the projector. On Friday’s premiere show, Jensen will discuss the James Webb Space Telescope which launched successfully on December 25. NASA’s flagship mission has been in development for over 25 years and will head to an orbital point beyond the moon. The telescope will use infrared light to search for nearby planets as well as galaxies in the distant universe that are in their early stages of development.

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