Union Station Unveils Breathtaking New Space Exploration Experiences at Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium

This morning, Union Station officials announced another substantial investment in their line of world-class attractions.

Specifically, this latest round of engagements positions what was already an industry leader and a guest favorite – the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium – for even more growth by tripling the brightness of the dome’s impressive projections and adding more new content to massive astronomical library, including direct feed from NASA.

“When we sat down last weekend for a staff preview of our new planetarium technology, we were literally taken to a place beyond our expectations,” said George Guastello, President and CEO from Union Station. “With the continued support of the Arvin Gottlieb Charitable Foundation *, we are able to maintain our leadership position in the industry and, more importantly, continue to inspire guests of all ages towards a love of science for life. It is a totally immersive experience. experience that simply cannot be found at home. It’s time for everyone to dream big and travel beyond the pull of our planet. “

This substantial upgrade delivers an impressive customer experience and understands. . .

  • 4K HDR projection with 3X the brightness and color saturation of the previous system
  • More energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solid-state laser phosphor light source
  • 1,000,000: 1 contrast ratio for bright, lifelike star tours and educational adventures
  • Adaptive laser output to create images as close to human perception as possible
  • Latest RSA Cosmos software upgrades, including an extensive content library and
    stunning 3D volumetric simulations of deep space objects and nebulae
  • Real-time astronomical data – as discovered – direct to Union Station from NASA

“This is a one year project and we are excited to share it with our members and guests,” said Jerry Baber, Executive Vice President and COO of Union Station. “Global space exploration is on the brink of a huge leap forward

cheeky. The people who will power it for decades to come are currently sitting in the classrooms. They are the dreamers and doers of tomorrow and

Union Station prides itself on being a vital resource in reaching them, their families, educators and caregivers with content that resembles rocket fuel to the imagination. Our planetarium is literally their launching pad into a world we could not have dreamed of until a generation or two ago. “

Planetarium projection and program technology have changed on a galactic scale since the Union Station facility opened 21 years ago.

“Planetarium educators like myself and many others are now able to share the most detailed and clear 360-degree views of the Midwest, normally invisible to the naked eye or limited through a lens. telescope, ”Patrick Hess, director of the Union Station planetarium, mentioned. “With the click of a mouse, guests will be transported around the world, in the tiniest particles, to the age of dinosaurs and into space in real time via massive data sets sourced from space and science institutions During our Dome Skystation Live tours, guests will experience the Kansas City night sky exactly what it looks like tonight … of course without the light pollution and other distortions that obscure your normal backyard view. literally hear the gasps of our audience when the true cosmos is breathtakingly revealed to them for the first time in our Planetarium. “

Kansas City is a STEM community. Science matters and every day it drives more and more of our economy. When experts call astronomy “the greatest science”, it’s because it’s inclusive and often the first spark that captures the imagination and minds of young people. It is the starting point of a permanent love for science.

Additionally, science education is a pillar of Union Station’s mission as it continues to move forward in bold steps to deliver compelling, world-class content to students, families and groups of all kinds. the region.

General admission to the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium is $ 8 for the public and $ 4 for members. New shows are regularly added to the program. For the latest program and to purchase tickets in advance, visit unionstation.org.

Arline J. Mercier

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