“The New Infinity Athens 2021” at the new digital planetarium

Onassis Culture is hosting for the first time in Athens from November 4 to 6 the festival “The New Infinity Athens 2021”, in collaboration with the Athens Biennale, the Berliner Festpiele and the Eugenidou Foundation.

Stardust in New Athens. Onassis Culture is hosting the The New Infinity Athens 2021 festival for the first time in the city, in collaboration with the Athens Biennale, the Berliner Festpiele and the Eugenidou Foundation. The New Infinity Athens is a three-day festival that explores the endless possibilities of techno-visual culture through a series of iconic works presented at the New Digital Planetarium of the Eugenides Foundation.

Filmmakers, game designers, artists, musicians draw inspiration from yesterday, today and tomorrow and invite us to three days filled with stardust. The Big Bang, the astronomical phenomena, the pandemic, the galactic sculptures, the post-industrial musical arrangements, everything fits into these films in full dome.

In addition to 360 ° films, the festival also presents compositions by artists of the digital age. The evolution of life from the Big Bang era to the present day (David OReilly, “Eye of the Dream”), stories of people around the world after the pandemic with choreographed dust storms (David OReilly, “The End of Stories “), a hypnotically enchanting spiritual session that brings Earth’s damaged biosphere to life in the most poetic way (Agnieszka Polska,” The Happiest Thought “), the sci-fi properties of earthly objects (Fatima Al Qadiri & Transforma, “Extraordinary Alien”) Fantastic objects and new sound spaces (Robert Lippok & Lucas Gutierrez, “Non-Face” & “SPIN”), psychedelic experiences under the influence of ayahuasca (Jan Kounen, “Ayahuasca – A Kosmik Journey “), planetary and galactic sculptures, astronomical Alien Phenomena and Ecosystems (Theo Triantafyllidis & Sun Araw,” VHW7 “), a post-industrial arrangement that presents terrestrial civilization after a catastrophic explosion (Actress & Actual O bjects, Gray Interio rs “). The program includes intermediate sound performances by Panos Alexiadis, ILIOS and Devika.

Since 2017, The New Infinity at Berliner Festspiele invites artists, sound artists, filmmakers and video game makers to create works from a planetarium, which has been presented in planetariums and festivals around the world.

The new digital planetarium is one of the largest and most modern planetariums in the world. A high-tech space and, at the same time, a simulation of artificial worlds, the ideal space to present the grandiose images of our time. It was founded sixty years ago with the aim of transporting the star system as realistically as possible.

The festival takes place within the framework of the 7th Athens Biennale ECLIPSE. Onassis Culture has consistently supported the Athens Biennale from the very start of its operation, having seen the Athenian scene of contemporary art and culture change and become one of the most exciting and growing internationally. This is why the Foundation’s plans are to create, together with the Athens Biennale, a strategy that will mark the further development of the institution, its international presence in the field, the connection of the performing and visual arts and promoting the work of Greek artists artists from all over the world.

Athens, a city in transition looking to the past, is looking for its own future. Its transformation is so rapid that it is not perceived by our mind and our senses. Onassis Culture contributes to the transformation of the city through actions and projects that highlight modern culture in the present day of Athens.

New digital planetarium of the Eugenides Foundation
387 avenue Syggrou

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