The National Planetarium is hosting a smartphone astrophotography contest by May 27, 2022

The National Planetarium of Malaysia has announced that it is holding a “smartphone astrophotography” competition by May 27, 2022. The winner will receive a tabletop telescope and the competition is open to Malaysians aged 15 and over.

Astrophotography is basically photography of the night sky, and usually these types of photos require you to have at least a camera with a good lens, as well as a lot of patience. However, nowadays there are many smartphones that can do the job just as well.

To get the best photos of the night sky, it wouldn’t hurt to have high-resolution cameras with excellent low-light capabilities, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy 22 Ultra. But you can also get great photos with older smartphones that also have low-light capabilities.

The competition is open to all Malaysian citizens aged 15 and above. They will need to send both the final image, as well as the RAW file, to [email protected] There are other additional information you will need to send in the entry:

  • Your name
  • CI number
  • The make and model of your smartphone
  • Image technical details like exposure time and ISO
  • The theme/name of the object

The winner will see their image posted on the official Facebook page of the Planetarium. They will also receive a “tabletop telescope” – but they did not specify what type of tabletop telescope it would be.

“The image that receives a lot of Likes will have a lot of potential to be a winning candidate for this contest,” the Planetarium wrote on Facebook.

Be sure to submit your applications by 12 p.m. on May 27, 2022.


Arline J. Mercier