Sync NI – Armagh Observatory and Planetarium to inspire pupils with STEM tours

The globally recognized astronomical research institute, Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, has resumed its popular two-hour tours for primary school pupils.

Led by one of the members of the organization’s Education team, each visit will consist of an hour spent in the Théâtre du Dôme, a 30-minute workshop and a 30-minute visit to the exhibition.

The educational tours will begin with a celestial journey around the solar system at the Armagh Observatory and the planetarium’s unique dome theatre. Students will then have the opportunity to participate in an “Out-of-This-World” workshop and explore the association’s brand new exhibition space.

While at the Dome Theater, students can choose from a range of dome shows, including “Astronaut”. Narrated by actor Ewan McGregor, the short examines the trials, tribulations and joys of becoming an astronaut, as well as the effects of space travel and training on human beings.

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In addition to viewing the dome’s series of shows, students will experience live interactive material that can be tailored to their learning goals. For this, the association’s Education team will guide them through the solar system, allowing them to choose the planets they wish to visit, ask questions and show their knowledge of space.

Each session at the Dome Theater ends with the famous space roller coaster at the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium. A favorite part of the visit for many, the short show at the dome lets students feel like they’re on a roller coaster.

Helen McLoughlin, Operations Manager at Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, said: “We are recognized worldwide as a leading center for astronomy research and are focused on harnessing this invaluable resource. to deliver dynamic educational and outreach programs.We hope that by providing engaging, age-appropriate content through our domes workshop and exhibit, we could help inspire the STEM leaders of the future.

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The Armagh Observatory and Planetarium is set in a heritage environment with a rich scientific history. The organization offers internationally recognized research in astronomy and related sciences, as well as dynamic educational and outreach programs for all ages.

Founded in 1790 by Archbishop Richard Robinson, the Armagh Observatory is the oldest scientific institution in Northern Ireland and the oldest operating astronomical research institute in the UK and Ireland.

Dr Eric Lindsay founded the Armagh Planetarium in 1968. The oldest operating planetarium in the UK and Ireland, it celebrated 50 years as the public face of space and astronomy in Ireland North in May 2018.

Find out more about the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium here

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