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Every time The Binding of Isaac receives a new DLC, it gains a huge amount of added content for players to discover, and with the release of Repentance, it still does. It’s added a ton of new items, bosses, characters, and achievements to play with and unlock in a truly rogue-lite way, and some of them are more esoteric than others.

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A special addition are the new rooms of the Planetarium. These are unlocked by acquiring three different astrology-related items in a single run, such as star sign items or the crystal ball. These rooms contain extremely powerful items based on celestial bodies that can drastically alter a given race, and are yet another thing players need to learn in the game.


The Binding of Isaac Repentance Planetarium Pedestal Venus

Although still very powerful, Venus can be one of the most disappointing Planetarium items a player can encounter. In no way a disappointment, Venus grants Isaac an extra heart container and gives him an aura that charms any enemy who approaches him.

Where Venus may be less useful is that the charm wears off very quickly and some characters like The Lost and ??? cannot benefit from the additional health.


The Binding of Isaac Repentance Planetarium Pedestal Mercurius

Speed ​​is one of the most important stats in The Binding of Isaac. It almost makes sense that the planet named after Mercury, the fastest god in the Roman pantheon, grants a very large speed boost.

While the speed boost is generally highly appreciated by players, Mercurius also gives them a permanent effect similar to the Door Stop gem, which keeps all doors open when passed.


The Binding of Isaac Repentance Planetarium Pedestal Ring of Saturn

The Ringed Planet gets a ring-themed item here in The Binding of Isaac. Upon pickup, a circle will surround the player which activates once Isaac enters a new room. The ring fills with seven tears that orbit the player which can damage enemies and will stick around for a good period of time.

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Like similar items such as the Void Maw and the Utensil, Saturnus can be used to deal damage to enemies at odd angles and from a decent distance. This makes the item perfect for fragile characters.


The Binding of Isaac Repentance Dashing Mars Pedestal Planetarium

Mars is one element that can change the way a player plays the game for the current game, and for that, it’s pretty cool. This item allows Isaac to perform a fast run by pressing the movement key twice or by wiggling the analog stick in the same direction twice in a row.

This dash makes Isaac invulnerable and is more controllable than the dash granted by the Aries item. It is a very useful tool for getting out of sticky situations, as many players will experience the feeling of panic of panicking in a corner surrounded by enemies.


The Binding of Isaac Repentance Planetarium Pedestal Pluto

Worthy of the tiny rock that was once a planet, Pluto as an object makes Isaac very small. So small, in fact, that enemy projectiles can pass directly overhead, leaving the poor child completely unharmed.

This item also grants a moderate increase in Isaac’s rate of fire. This means he cries more, and it may reflect Pluto’s sad demotion in real life.


The Binding of Isaac Repentance Planetarium Pedestal Jupiter Gas Clouds

Jupiter is a … unique piece. Upon pickup, Isaac loses a decent amount of speed and gains two containers of hearts – it seems like fair trade to some. However, Jupiter’s main draw comes from its effect when Isaac remains still.

Players will suddenly experience an assault on their senses when they realize that Jupiter is speeding them up to a stop and er … expel certain accumulated gases which exchange the momentary increase in speed for a passive poison effect. Look, the game was never going to win any awards for its class.


The Binding of Isaac Repentance Planetarium Pedestal Terra rocks

Named after our own planet, Terra replaces Isaac’s Tears with rocks that serve as both an offensive boost and a neat utility upgrade. In combat, these tears deal varying damage that can be up to double Isaac’s damage stat, which with luck can shorten encounters considerably.

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As a utility item, Isaac’s Tears now destroy obstacles and open closed doors. Whatever bombs can do, her tears can now do for free. He can even use his rocky tears to smash the angel statues needed to collect the key parts to take on Mega Satan!


The Binding of Isaac Repentance Planetarium Pedestal Luna

This item is an interesting passive boon that does not directly affect the player but affects the floors they cross during the game. Luna adds two new secret rooms to each floor and places moonlight beams there that give Isaac a temporary boost to his rate of fire.

This item matches perfectly with I Can See Forever Pills and items that let the player know exactly where secret rooms are, like X-Ray Vision. Veteran players will know and love the power of Secret Rooms and will jump for joy whenever Luna shows up in a planetarium.


The Binding of Isaac Repentance Planetarium Pedestal Sol

Like Luna, Sol is an item that provides Isaac with a bit of mapping utility. Initially, it simply reveals the location of the boss room on the floor, but it has a side effect that is triggered once the boss is defeated. Upon victory, Isaac is completely healed, the rest of the soil is revealed, and he gains a buff for both damage and luck until he moves on to the next stage.

This item is a great incentive to establish a direct line with the boss, and works incredibly well with characters who can rack up a large number of Red Heart containers.


The Binding of Isaac Repentance Planetarium Pedestal Neptunus

The planet named after the Roman god of the sea is appropriately water themed. When he doesn’t draw tears, Isaac’s mouth will fill with water over time. These will be released in a large throw which can deal a large amount of damage if aimed correctly.

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This item is great against enemies who like to hide off the screen for whatever reason, as the player can use this downtime to save tears and release them all at once when the enemy becomes visible again.


The Binding of Isaac Repentance Planetarium Pedestal Icicles Uranus

Uranus turns Isaac’s tears into ice cubes that slow enemies while they are still alive and freeze them when they die. Added in Repentance, the freeze effect is a very powerful offensive tool that can be used to build up damage quickly.

Frozen enemies can be hit to slide them across the ground and explode in an array of shards, which can damage and freeze other enemies. The potential havoc a player can cause with this item makes it a very attractive choice.

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