PlanetSide 2 New “Oshur” expedition announced by Rogue Planet Games

Rogue Planet Games has announced a new expansion for its game PlanetSide 2. This new expedition is called Oshur and will be about the award-winning massively multiplayer online first-person shooter currently available on PC and PlayStation 4. The expedition is on the point to start in December.

Expedition: Oshur is the first full-scale continent to be featured at PlanetSide 2 in seven years and the first to feature water-based gameplay with battles taking place on the ground, in the sky, and now under the sea. It will include a complete water system that will be part of the exclusive Forgelight engine.

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PlanetSide 2 Oshur Expedition

Michael Henderson, chief designer of PlanetSide 2, said the following:

We rarely manage to offer players a whole new battlespace, and it’s been years since a play space was created on this scale.. The team has done an incredible job to achieve it, and I think our players are really going to dig it.

Wheeled vehicles ply the surface of the water, tracked vehicles and infantrymen prowl the ocean floor, and the most agile aircraft can sail beneath the waves like a submarine. Special weapons are released alongside the update and are required for effective combat underwater.

Oshur will also make his script debut in the first chapter of a two-pronged campaign. This campaign is slated to release alongside PlanetSide 2’s nine-year anniversary celebration on November 17th. At that point, players will embark on missions and solve in-game challenges that will lead them to this forgotten island paradise abandoned in the early days of Auraxian. War.

All players (not just those taking part in the campaign) will be able to travel to Oshur in early December, when the second chapter of the campaign begins. The campaign will also reward new underwater weapons, cosmetics, and provide access to special vehicle prototypes available only during the campaign.

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