Planetarium Labs launches the NFT project for its decentralized MMORPG Nine Chronicles

The D:CC PFP series will see cats take their rightful place at the center of the Nine Chronicles universe while providing holders with exclusive perks and in-game utilities.

SINGAPORE/ACCESSWIRE/August 23, 2022/ Planetarium laboratoriesthe community-driven Web3 game company focused on the future of gaming through decentralized content and technologies, has launched a new PFP NFT series called D:CC (De:Centralized Chat) for its popular decentralized MMORPG, Nine Chronicles. The public program is officially launched in the NFT community on August 24, 2202.

Planetarium, Tuesday, August 23, 2022, Image from press release

The world of Nine Chronicles draws inspiration from Norse mythology to populate its universe, where players can immerse themselves in gameplay, crafting, and gaining experience. However, the arrival of the D:CC NFTs will give the game’s mighty warriors the chance to inhabit an all-new set of furry sonas, complete with cat ears and tails, and imbued with the wisdom and guidance of The Cosmic. Cat God The Grrreat.

Planetarium, Tuesday, August 23, 2022, Image from press release

Planetarium, Tuesday, August 23, 2022, Image from press release

Following in the footsteps of underground societies such as Knights Catplar and the Illumi-nyan-ti, the D:CC keeps its many secrets shrouded in mystery, sharing them only with those around it. In order to be accepted into the fold, users can apply for a coveted spot on two planned “Pionyan programs” (pioneer + nyan). The first schedule opened 999 advanced slots for existing Nine Chronicles players, while the second schedule will be widely open to the public on August 24. Those deemed worthy will be added to a guaranteed “allow list”, all participants who make the cut are granted equal strike authority for a single PFP in the collection. The minting date must be announced.

NFT PFPs are a type of collection of non-fungible tokens designed to be used as online avatars or profile pictures on social media (think: Bored Ape Yacht Club). But the new “D:CC” NFT series that Nine Chronicles has unveiled is much more than just a profile picture. Each PFP is an invitation to alternate player identities within the expansive Nine Chronicles universe, with ownership also granting each owner many benefits, such as exclusive rewards, in-game costumes and items, and additional currencies only available for NFT holders. Members will also have voting rights in future collaborations.

Sangmi Seon (Caesty), Art Director of Nine Chronicles, who honed her craft leading art direction and design at top game companies like NEXON and Capcom, brings her dynamic yet delicate aesthetic to life with her expressive lines and lush colors. “Echoing the detail and care we put into every aspect of Nine Chronicles, I wanted the NFT collection to reflect the living, dynamic world. Each PFP is unique and beautiful,” Seon said.

JC Kim and Kijun Seo, co-founders of Planetarium Labs, said, “We created the D:CC that enriches the world of Nine Chronicles, a robust collaborative universe created with our community. The NFT collection allows us to extend our creative platform. and IP, continuing to grow as we deliver the future of gaming through decentralized content and technologies.”

Nine Chronicles has also planned other NFT collaboration events with major Web3 games such as The Sandbox, Sipher, and Delysium.

The cosmic cat god the Grrreat works in mysterious ways, so expect more secret events and more to be announced soon.

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About Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is a decentralized, open source and free MMORPG based on Norse mythology and the first title developed with Libplanet. Nine Chronicles runs on a peer-to-peer player network without requiring central server hosting. The entire game, from crafting an item to intricate battles, takes place entirely on-chain. Nine Chronicles is governed by its community and supported by a complex economy where supply and demand are the primary currencies.

To learn more about Nine Chronicles, visit Nine Chronicles’ Twitter, Discordand Medium

About Planetarium Labs

Planetarium laboratories is a community-driven, web3 game company that believes communities can create endless possibilities through decentralized innovations and strives to give massively multiplayer online games creative freedom and player governance. The company recently raised $32 million in a Series A funding round led by Animoca Brands. Planetarium Labs is partnered with industry leading companies including Binance, Ubisoft, The Sandbox, Wemade, Hashed, Sfermion, IDEO COLAB, XLGAMES and SAMSUNG NEXT.

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