Passing star could prevent Earth from leaving solar system


The Earth would be “condemned to wander in the frozen wastelands of our galaxy, all life on this planet being quickly and definitively erased”.


Although this is extremely unlikely, it is possible that incoming stars passing in front of Earth will project it out of the solar system, supports astrophysicist Paul Sutter on – the same scientist, you will recall, who published instructions for building your own DIY wormhole last year.

The apocalyptic result, according to Sutter: our planet is plunged “into the depths of interstellar space, doomed to roam the frozen wastelands of our galaxy, with all life on this planet quickly and permanently wiped out.”

Pure chaos

The risk is that Earth will receive a “quick kick” from the gravity of a passing star, which astronomers have often called the “three body problem”: the movement of three bodies interacting via gravity is fine. more chaotic and unpredictable than the simple two.

“The problem is that with three objects, any small deviation or offset can result in massive changes in a surprisingly short period of time,” Sutter explained.

Frozen wasteland

According to Previous search, a star passing our solar system at right angles with sufficient mass should “pass into Jupiter’s orbit to have a decent chance of getting us out of orbit; otherwise, its gravitational influence is just too insignificant, ”notes Sutter.

It’s a scary thought, but the chances of it happening have been and will remain infinitely small.

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Arline J. Mercier