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The solar system is currently made up of four planets made up mostly of rocks or silicate metals, including Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. These planets have a solid surface, which makes them significantly different from the larger “gas giant planets,” which are primarily composed of a combination of hydrogen, helium, and water existing in various physical states. However, NASA scientists John Chambers and Jack Lissauer hypothesized that a similar fifth planet once existed between Mars and the asteroid belt.

They made this claim after Apollo astronauts brought back rocks that shared characteristics from the moon.

These molten asteroid remnants appeared to have hit the moon around the same time, 3.8 billion years ago.

When scientists looked at other rocky objects in the solar system, including craters on Mars and the surface of Mercury, they found consistent results.

Researchers now call this period the Late Heavy Bombardment (LHB) and Mr. Chambers and Mr. Lissauer believe it was caused by a rogue planet colliding with Mercury, Venus and Mars in its path.

They performed a series of simulations in which they modified the asteroid belt to account for the lost mass and the orbits of other planets, publishing their results in a 2002 article.

A summary read: “In simulations in which the belt was tilted relative to the binary orbital plane, three to five terrestrial planets formed around the solar system.

“When the embryos on the disc moved relative to the binary plane, four or five terrestrial planets were formed.

“In systems with the accretion disk initially tilted relative to the orbit of the binary star, two to five planets formed despite the fact that more than half of the disk’s mass was disturbed in the central star.

“Essentially, the scientists performed three separate experiments, all of which resulted in the possibility of a fifth planet being involved.”

While this is a fascinating hypothesis, it still lacks hard evidence.

It’s clear something caused LHB, but what exactly happened remains a mystery.

Arline J. Mercier

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