Matt Hardy Says Vince McMahon Wanted Him To Do Planetarium Promos

Vince McMahon was initially obsessed with the idea of ​​Matt Hardy doing his Broken Universe character from a planetarium, according to Hardy himself. Hardy recently talked about bringing his Broken Matt persona to WWE, where he became Woken Matt, on the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy. You can check out some highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

On his early discussions with McMahon about the character: “I was like, ‘We’re the greatest tag team in space and time,’ and I tried to make myself a different place, it wasn’t just normal wrestling, this thing was out of the box. wrestling place and farther places I shoot things the better it is Being in the ring and having regular wrestling matches are more attractions and special moments I think that’s how this character has the most success if you want to make the most of it. You let him entertain himself in those remote places. Space and time is the concept that I attached to it in the lure.

“He’s like, ‘Oh, space and time? So would this character be doing promos at a planetarium?’ I said ‘Well, I don’t know…’ [Vince said] “Space and time sounds good, maybe a planetarium promo?” I said ‘Oh, well, maybe, I feel like there could be a good difference if Abigail touched me, brought out the light in me and it’s darkness and it’ is the basic concept of good versus evil, light and dark, it’s a good play on it.’ [Vince said again] ‘So you think we can do promos in a planetarium?’ He hit me with that three or four times, I’ll never forget man, it was so funny.

JOn McMahon’s reactions to her during the conversation: “I could see when I said [Broken Matt] can communicate with other animals than he was [thinking to himself] “Oh my God, like maybe I need to give him a drug test right now” such a crazy experience. We’re just chatting, sitting across from each other on the couch. It goes ‘Do you think this character would make a promo in planetariums?’ It was a recurring theme in there. Anyway, we talk about it and we’ve been here for 32 minutes, I really tried to explain things. I really like Vince because he sat and listened to everything he seemed open to everything half the time he looked at me like I was berserk but he was, he listened to everything single minute of this one.

Arline J. Mercier