local planetarium invites you to discover the origins of Halloween in the night sky | Diane Carney

(PLYMOUTH, MA) Stars and Halloween fans will enjoy this hour-long double feature that will teach event attendees how “Halloween is so closely tied to the night sky and how Artemis takes us back to the moon.” The W. Russell Blake Planetarium has announced a special, festive and fun event for the whole family that invites you to learn more about this beloved holiday by looking up!


Halloween: celestial origins

The first part of this dual-feature event will explain Halloween’s connection to our stars, the moon, and the sky.

“Halloween: Celestial Origins reviews the history of Halloween and how it fits into the seasons in the form of a ‘quarter day.’ From Celtic roots around the harvest and bonfires to modern day celebrations , find out why the night is celebrated as the night of spirits from the afterlife and treats!Find out how Samhain and All Saints’ Day would eventually turn into Halloween.Travel through the night sky and find out which planets, constellations and stars will be out during of your Halloween party. A fun program for the whole family! (Excerpt from Ball State University Charles W. Brown Planetarium)” – Halloween Origins and Moon Exploration


Seasonal Stargazing

The second feature film of the evening will explain what’s next for NASA, and their plans to land the first woman and person of color on the surface of the moon!

“This program will also include Seasonal Star Gazing, a brief glimpse of the fall skies, and Forward to the Moon, which features Kari Byron of Crash Test World and MythBusters, outlines the details of the Artemis program. The Artemis program, named d ‘Following the Greek Moon Goddess and twin to Apollo, is the next step in our mission to explore the universe and land the first woman and person of color on the surface of the Moon.’ – Origins of Halloween and exploration of the moon


Halloween Origins and Moon Exploration Event Details

  • WHERE: W. Russell Blake Planetarium (117 Long Pond Road, Plymouth, MA 02360)
  • WHEN: Thursday, October 27, 2022
  • TIME: 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • COST: $7 per person
  • TICKETS: According to the official Facebook event, tickets for this event TO HAVE TO be purchased online PRIOR at the event and BOX NOT be purchased at the event. Please purchase tickets by visiting the official Eventbrite page for the event or by clicking here.
  • MORE INFORMATION: “If you have any questions about the event, please email Alison Riordan (K-12 Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Coordinator, Plymouth Public Schools) at [email protected] .k12.ma.us.” – Origins of Halloween and exploration of the moon
  1. TICKETS ARE SOLD ONLINE ONLY. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR. (Please note that you are not required to bring printed tickets with you. Tickets viewed on mobile devices are welcome.)
  2. All ages are welcome.
  3. Parking is free.
  4. Food and drink are not allowed in the planetarium.
  5. No refund at any time

Arline J. Mercier