Kuya Kim makes final visit to former National Planetarium building

Before the final closure of the former National Planetarium building, Kuya Kim Atienza gave viewers the opportunity to visit it for the last time.

On Wednesday, #KuyaKimAnoNa on “24 Oras,” Kuya Kim showed off iconic locations at the popular kids’ field trip destination, including the hallway where part of the universe is seen.

According to Kuya Kim, the national planetarium was opened in 1975 and was considered the best in Southeast Asia. In 2019, it was renovated to become more modern.

“It has been made more interactive. It also contains a diorama of the solar system and major constellations. If you look up you will see the planets,” he said in a mixture of English and Filipino.

Kuya Kim also visited the main attraction of the National Planetarium, the 16-meter dome where audiovisual presentations are shown. It has a capacity of 224 people.

All of the planetarium shows were digitized and in 2016 they were upgraded to be projected on a full dome.

There was also a place inside the museum where you can take a photo with billions of stars.

Although the old building is being closed to make way for the development plans of the Rizal Park National Parks Development Committee, the National Planetarium will soon reopen in a more modern home.

—Franchesca Viernes / MGP, GMA News

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