Katara to screen two films at Al Thuraya Planetarium today

Here’s something your kids will love, the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) has announced that it is showing two films today at the Al Thuraya Planetarium.

The films are “Polaris” and “The Universe Show”, which will be screened today, December 22, in Building 41. Both shows run 30 minutes each.

“Polaris” predicts a story about Polaris, the space submarine and the mystery of the polar night penguins from the South Pole and a bear from the North Pole where they met on the Arctic sea ice. They wonder why the night is so long at the poles of the Earth. During a trip around the Earth, extended to Mars and Saturn, they get their answer and discover that the planets have similarities but also differences. The show will start at 5 p.m.

Meanwhile, “The Universe Show” is a historical look at how we’ve envisioned the universe through the ages. We examine the universe through the eyes of scientists and space explorers today to discover a spectacular glimpse of the sky. The screening will start at 6 p.m.

Katara revealed that entry to the planetarium is open to all age groups and registration is done through her website. www.althuraya.katara.net. Entrance is reserved for people who have been vaccinated and it is also advisable for the public to arrive 30 minutes before the show as places are limited.

Arline J. Mercier