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The Binding of Isaac: Repentance features a new type of room called the Planetarium, and this guide explains how to unlock and find it.

The Planetarium is a type of room that is featured in Isaac’s Bond: Repentance, and players who want to earn all of the new achievements in the game will need to unlock it. Fortunately, this is not an extremely difficult thing to do, although there is a bit of luck in the process. Providing more details on this process is the exact purpose of this guide, and it will also contain information on how to find the planetarium in Isaac’s Bond: Repentance after being unlocked.

To begin with, players will unlock the planetarium after collecting three items from a designated item pool in a single race. Specifically, this item pool is made up of the 12 zodiac signs, the crystal ball, the 8 magic ball, and the little planet, and any combination of three works just fine. Once these criteria are met, The bond of Isaac fans will receive an indication that they have unlocked planetariums, and they will be able to meet them in their races in the future.

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As for how to find these rooms, the initial chance of a planetarium spawning is only 1%. However, whenever a player jumps an item room in this new The bond of Isaac DLC, this chance is increased by 20%, so fans who are determined to find a planetarium should bypass item rooms whenever possible. Notably, an item room is only considered ignored if a player does not enter it, and entering a room but not picking up an item will have no effect on planetariums.

Additionally, a key is required to enter a planetarium, and hopefully players will have one in reserve when they enter the corresponding gate. Roguelike fans will know they’ve found a planetarium door if they see a crescent moon above, and there’s no real trick to getting in. Players who have a key simply need to go through the portal and they will find a special astronomy item on the other side.

Once a player has unlocked the planetariums, then they should feel free to solve some of the other mysteries in the DLC. Indeed, fans who want to fight the final boss and see Isaac’s Bond: RepentanceThe real ending has a lot to discover, and that’s not even the end of what the game has to offer. Specifically, there are a ton of character variations to unlock, and earning them all is certainly no small feat.

The bond of Isaac is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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