IBX Stem Center’s 360° dome planetarium teaches about planet Earth

WASHINGTON, NC (WNCT) – The IBX Stem Center in Washington is offering a new immersive experience for campers using a 360° dome planetarium to showcase earth science at their renewable energy camp.

“We tried to look at what could cause a ‘wow’ effect to get them excited to want to learn,” said Center President Al Powell.

The place has purchased a StarLab inflatable dome and a program that uses 3D projections to educate campers about the impact science has had on the formation of the Earth, the impact of science on humans, and the impact that humans have had on the environment.

Using a simple Windows laptop and a high-resolution projector with 360° lens, IBX Stem Center instructors are able to create an interactive and immersive experience for students.

Powell says this is the first program of its kind done in the eastern North Carolina region.

Students involved in the camp will also have hands-on learning by creating solar-powered cars to take home, model wind turbines, and a fictionalized version of the Hoover Dam. They will also hear from NASA instructors on land rovers, space exploration and more.

At the end of the three weeks, students will learn to sail a sailboat at Little Washington Sailing School after taking free swimming lessons at the camp.

The Renewable Energy Summer Camp is free for qualified students. For additional camps and more information you can visit their website ibxstem.org

Arline J. Mercier