How to escape the planetarium when there is a chance of rain 2

The Survivors of the Void expansion for Chance of rain 2 is out now. Few players know that there is an alternate hidden final stage at the end of the story known as “The Planetarium” and an “Escape The Planetarium” challenge. How to get there and how to escape are two separate problems that you will have to solve and survive in real time.

Our guide will answer questions on how to escape the Planetarium by Chance of rain 2, and helps you find your way in and out. This final stage of the game not only involves platforming, but also a boss fight with the Voidling.

Risk of Rain 2: How to Escape the Planetarium

You will need to enter a purple portal to make your way through the empty fields and get to the planetarium.

There is a purple portal to find in the bazaar between times, in a tunnel under the blue portal in the bazaar. This isn’t your only option for encountering a purple portal, though.

A purple portal may appear after completing a teleport event. Some say it only happens in a loop, but it’s really random. I encountered a purple portal pre-loop, but… only one.

Alternatively, and oddly enough, you can also get a purple portal by killing Mithrix and petting a purple frog at the start of the stage. This is the most effort-intensive option and requires 10 Lunar Coins. Simply kill Mithrix and return to the start of the stage as you would otherwise, and pet the frog instead of charging your ship.

Enter the place of emptiness

You should make sure you have a few salvage items before attempting this.

To enter the Void Locus, you must follow these steps:

  1. Breach all nine cells in empty fields
  2. fight all enemy waves
  3. approach him Null Portal
  4. wait for it Void Portal open next
  5. Choose the Void Locus kingdom

Once inside the Void Locus, you will finally have the chance to enter the Planetarium, if you do the following:

  1. Activate all four Deep vacuum signals (similar to empty field cells)
  2. fight all enemy waves
  3. Wait for another void portal to appear at the highest level of Void Locus
  4. Enter the portal to the Planetarium

Defeat the Void

Now players can finally fight the alternate boss Voidling and escape the Planetarium. Here are some tips to beat him:

  • Use your sniper rifle aim for its eye for maximum damage
  • You can easily dodge his projectilesbecause they are quite slow
  • Look for a cover, once he fires his laser
  • If you see it spinning, take cover, because a even bigger laser shot from
  • Also take cover, once he activates his Black hole who sucks everything

There are three phases in total, at the end of each you need to go through portals and complete platforming stages. You will also encounter imps and lemurs that you will have to fight. But other than that, all phases follow the same pattern.

Once you enter the final portal after defeating Voidling, the “Escape the Planetarium” challenge will be complete.

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Arline J. Mercier