Harvard scientist claims alien spacecraft DID traveled through solar system, slams backlash

A HARVARD scientist is convinced that extraterrestrials have passed through our solar system.

In 2014, a space rock nicknamed `Oumuamua was traveling at over 100,000 mph and fell in the South Pacific.


A Harvard scientist is convinced that extraterrestrials have crossed our solar system.Credit: Getty

Five years later, Avi Loeb of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, postulated that `Oumuamua was not from inside our solar system.

And despite the backlash from his colleagues, Loeb thinks it’s possible Oumuamua is alien technology or even a spaceship.

He defended his argument in a 2021 paper for Harvard’s Astronomy Department, claiming that `Oumuamu was a solar sail.

Futurism defines it as “an advanced form of propulsion that would allow a spacecraft to use the low pressure of solar radiation to move through space”.

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However, academics and scientists have countered Loeb’s theory in a new study

stating that Oumuamua is unlikely to be a light sail.

“The dynamics of an intrusive light sail, if it exists, has distinct observational signatures, which can be quantitatively identified and analyzed with our methods in future investigations,” the study says.

Still, Loeb says the opposing scholars’ argument “overlooked a few points,” according to The Daily Beast.

To begin with, the international team argued that if ‘Oumuamua was a light sail, it would have included a large flat surface that would have reflected more light than observed.

“If it was a light sail, the variation in brightness should be much larger,” Shangfei Liu, an astronomer at Sun Yat-sen University in Zhuhai, China, and lead author of The Beast, told Beast. the study.

However, Loeb doesn’t think the sail should be flat – it could have been a light sail of a different shape, he said.

In fact, ‘Oumuamua “may not be a sail at all, but just a surface layer torn apart by a larger object,” he told The Daily Beast.

A new task

More recently, Loeb announced plans for a $1.5 million expedition to scour the ocean floor for potential debris from the object.

By collecting the debris, he hopes to determine the object’s true origins – and see if it can be traced back to alien technology.

Loeb intends to search an area of ​​nearly 40 square miles with a magnet.

“It’s like mowing the lawn,” Loeb said. “We plan to use a sled with a magnet that will pick up a very thin layer on top of the mud.”

He added that testing the composition of the object will help researchers determine where it came from.

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“There is also the possibility that it is made of an alloy that nature does not assemble, and that would imply that the object is technological,” Loeb said.

“If you ask what my wish is, if it is indeed of man-made origin, and there was a component of the object that survived, and if there are buttons on it, I would love to press it .”

Arline J. Mercier