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ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) – Tucked away at the back of the Altoona area high school is the Neil Armstrong Planetarium. It is a place where students, children and the general public can go on a space adventure right here in Altoona. “You can come in and enjoy a bunch of different classes – we’ve done them on studying the night sky, popular conspiracies, alien life, The mystery of the Apollo missions and we now offer the lessons in person and virtually too ”, says Planetarium Director Jim krug.

Planetarium director Jim Krug says learning about space is important. “Deep down inside I think people – I think as a civilization we have a heritage of wanting to know and understand what else is there,” says Krug.

Jim Krug also teaches high school astronomy classes. “Part of the reason we have such an alien concentration here at the planetarium is that I tell the students that I think they are going to be part of the first generation of students who know for sure that they weren’t alone in the universe, ”says Krug. “I don’t think what was going on here is that crazy, I just think we’re a few years ahead of the game.”

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Arline J. Mercier