February 10 – Mosaic Building Solutions will oversee the construction of the planetarium | fwbusiness

Science Central has hired Mosaic Building Solutions to serve as the construction manager for the center’s planetarium project.

In this role, Mosaic will oversee all phases of construction of the Planetarium Hall. The Fort Wayne-based company will work in tandem with project architect, Design Collaborative, and planetarium designer, Ash Enterprises, to bring Science Central’s vision to life.

“With their high standards and attention to detail, I am confident that Mosaic will build Science Central – and Northeast Indiana – a high-tech planetarium that will advance understanding of space in the region,” said said Martin S. Fisher, executive director of Science Central, said in a prepared statement.

Jake Fetters, president of Mosaic, said the company was thrilled to be involved in such a unique project.

“We are thrilled to join the team and privileged to serve Science Central and the community with the construction of this once-in-a-lifetime planetarium project,” Fetters said. “When completed, it will be the only public planetarium educating children and adults about the cosmos in our region.”

Going forward, Mosaic will work with Design Collaborative, Ash Enterprises and Science Central throughout the design and preconstruction process, while Design Collaborative completes project construction documents and Mosaic solicits bids for commercial work.

Science Central, a nonprofit 501 © (3) children’s museum, 1950 N. Clinton St., Fort Wayne, plans a 1,500-foot planetarium. It will feature a ball of stars from the old Saint Francis University planetarium and a new number system. The star ball has thousands of tiny holes – some the width of a human hair – and a very bright light underneath. The light shines through the holes and casts starlight onto the curved ceiling of the planetarium. The modern digital system will show the sky from our position on Earth, as well as images of our solar system and beyond.

Arline J. Mercier