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Experience the wonders of our universe up close at the Adelaide Planetarium with its special school holiday programme. Guided by experienced astronomers, travel through space to learn more about the solar system, the constellations and the mysteries of the cosmos!

As the rainy weather begins to creep in, the planetarium offers plenty of indoor activities to keep the whole family entertained.

Choose from a variety of movies to watch on the Planetarium’s domed ceiling. All movie sessions also include a night sky experience where you can travel across the universe and marvel at projections of the sun, moon, planets and approximately 5,000 stars without leaving the comfort of your seat .

Tycho at the Moon, recommended for ages 4-8, is a children’s show that follows Tycho the dog who doesn’t just howl at the moon… he goes! Children can follow Tycho as he explains night and day, moon phases, space travel and the lunar surface. An astronomer will guide children through each constellation, the solar system and beyond.

Cosmic collisions, suitable for ages 10 and up, is an open-dome spectacular, where guests can see how planets, stars and galaxies crash together and also create conditions essential for life. The show would be ideal for curious minds looking to see what explosive encounters led to the end of the dinosaurs and the birth of new stars.

Join Annie and Max and their robot in the full dome movie, ‘Astronaut’, and discover how the seasons work and how the Earth’s tilt affects the day-night cycle. If your child is curious about why the seasons are opposite in the northern and southern hemispheres, this is a great event for kids ages 7-10.

You can also join National Geographic and learn more about the The wildest weather in the solar system. This spectacular journey explores how dust storms can engulf entire planets, and how storms can be the size of 100-megaton hydrogen bombs, and how there are 400-year-old hurricanes in our universe. The planetarium promises stunning visuals and incredible computer-generated imagery like you’ve never seen before.

Finally, there aren’t many opportunities to examine the strangest objects in the universe – black holes. Black holes: warping space and time explore what a black hole is and how big it can get! We think even parents can enjoy this one – just won’t Interstellar beforehand.

Find all the details on the Planetarium school holiday programs here. They fill up fast, so be sure to grab tickets. Tickets start at $12 per person.

The Adelaide Planetarium is located in Building P, Level 2 of the University of South Australia’s Mawson Lakes Campus. University Boulevard, Mawson Lakes 5095.

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Arline J. Mercier