DuPont Planetarium Releases ‘Mars: One Thousand One’ Film at Aiken | Entertainment

The DuPont Planetarium on the USC Aiken campus recently released “Mars: A Thousand and One,” a film about the gripping journey aboard IRIS 1, the first manned mission to the Red Planet.

The show, produced by Evans & Sutherland, a Cosm company, and Mirage3D, will be presented at the DuPont Planetarium on November 20 and 27 at 7 p.m. and is suitable for all ages. Additional screenings will be available in January and February.

“We are thrilled to share an exciting new show that will take audiences on an incredible expedition to Mars, Earth’s closest planetary neighbor,” said Dr. Gary Senn, director of the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center, home of the DuPont Planetarium. “The show brings to life the mission of a brave international crew as they journey through space on a beautiful, thrilling, and at times heartbreaking race to be the first humans to land on Mars. The film presents a kind of fantastic entertainment that many of us crave We invite our guests to join us at the planetarium to experience this one-of-a-kind feature for themselves.

Viewers will enjoy a front row seat to this unprecedented 1,001-day expedition, experiencing the challenges and adventure of space travel.

After spending nearly seven months sailing to Mars, the crew successfully lands and conducts a number of experiments to find out if life on Mars is a possibility.

Audiences are treated to a visual spectacle, stepping inside the spacecraft as it traverses the universe, witnessing the effects of artificial gravity on the crew and even dodging a solar storm that threatens the spacecraft’s journey. expedition to Mars.

“Mars: One Thousand One” was written by Robin Sip, Director of Programs Production and Content at Evans & Sutherland. He is the founder and CEO of Mirage3D and an award-winning pioneer of 3D cinema in special rooms. It recently received the 2020 Technology and Innovation Award from the International Planetarium Society for its innovative use of full dome film.

The DuPont Planetarium is located in the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center on the USCA campus. For more information on tickets, times and reservations, visit or contact the planetarium at 803-641-3313.

Arline J. Mercier