China wants to find a habitable planet near the solar system

‘Are we alone in the universe?’ is a question that has puzzled mankind for centuries. But as technology advanced, the search for life came with another quest. It was about discovering habitable exoplanets for a possible colonization of space.

China now enters this fray.

Chinese scientists have proposed a space project called the Closeby Habitable Exoplanet Survey (CHES), CGTN News reported. In this project, the Chinese space agency will survey the sky with a space telescope to find a planet that could be habitable for humans.

If China succeeds in carrying out the project, it would be the first-ever space mission, designed in the search for habitable Earth-like planets, about 32 light-years from Earth.

The space project will offer answers to questions about the solar system, CGTN News quoted Ji Jianghui, the principal investigator of the CHES mission.

“These studies will ultimately answer questions like, ‘Is our solar system special? or ‘Are we unique in the universe?’ and provide a deeper understanding of the formation and evolution of the Earth and the solar system, and a comprehensive picture of the nature and origin of life, so that we can better understand ourselves,” Jianghui said.

Arline J. Mercier