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Rogue Planet Games has “pretty epic plans” for PlanetSide 3

The past year has been an eventful one for the Planet side franchise. While Planet Side 2 still has a loyal player base and goes strong, PlanetSide Arena failed to grab. With Arena behind them, the Planet side the playerbase is eager to see what comes next, especially now that Planet side has a studio dedicated to Rogue Planet Games. DualShockers interviewed executive producer Andy Sites and he briefly touched on the scale of a potential Planet Side 3.

To start off, we touched on Andy Sites’ previous comments on PlanetSide 3 in October. In a community update, he said that “PlanetSide Arena is meant to be the stepping stone to Planet Side 3, which we envision expanding from the current battlefields of Auraxis, to full-fledged galactic warfare with empires exploring, colonizing, and conquering each other within a vast galaxy. While PlanetSide Arena ended up shutting down this month, DualShockers still asked questions about that vision and how Rogue Planet Games would keep such a large entry true to the series.

To that, Sites said, “We have some pretty epic plans for the sequel, but that’s probably a conversation for another time.” When asked where he sees the Planet side series over the next 10 years, Sites teased a sequel again, this time on the development side. “When it comes time to announce and release a real sequel, the community must not only continue to engage and play, but also believe that we are the right team to make it happen. The entire Rogue Planet team is fully committed to Planet side; many of whom have been involved since the launch of Planet Side 2 and even the original Planet side in 2003. So advancing the Planet side the universe is not just our job, it is our passion.

These statements show that Rogue Planet Games is strongly considering Planet Side 3 and that his vision may not be too far removed from Sites’s October 2019 comments. The press release announcing Rogue Planet Games, Dimensional Ink Games, and Darkpaw Games also states that Rogue Planet is “looking to develop their next genre-defining game for shooters fans,” so they’re at least working on something cool.

For the time being, Planet side PC and PS4 gamers can just expect renewed support, as Sites also told DualShockers that Rogue Planet Games “has started working on one of our most ambitious game updates since launch and we plan to announce the details at the end of January / beginning of February “.

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Rogue Planet Games takes control of Planetside 2 with future Planetside titles

Planet 2 may have looked a little worse for wear recently, long in the tooth as it can be for a title that debuted in late 2012 as a true MMOFPS, and one of the first hit titles in this genre. Yet recently, player numbers have steadily declined despite everything Daybreak Studios has tried.

From seasonal updates that add snow, to just bringing in patch notes that were noticeably sparse prior to July 2019, and everything in between, Planet 2 has seen its number decrease steadily since its inaugural launch. It peaked last weekend at just over 2,000 concurrent players in the title on Steam via SteamCharts (which doesn’t account for console players) and appears to be losing around 1,000 players per year since its release.

Planet arena, who was supposed to be yet another The Battle Royale title (there’s a huge shortage of it, clearly) has also been wrapped up recently.

It looks like the time has come for something drastic, and Daybreak Game Company looks set to shake things up. To that end, they have announced some sort of split as a new studio emerges from Daybreak Games. The Planet side the franchise was not sold, it was simply handed over to a studio which presents itself as an “independent studio” which will continue its development on Planet 2 and the third possible iteration as well.

Rogue Planet Games is one of three studios announced by Daybreak Games, along with Dimensional Ink and Darkpaw Games. Dimensional Ink is responsible for DC Universe Online, and Darkpaw will focus on EverQuest.

Daybreak Games is still responsible for server maintenance, live operations and backend support for the title, while new studio Rogue Planet Games is responsible for vision. It almost sounds like a corporate speech that doubles as real information, but that’s what RPG claims.

Along with this review, Rogue Planet Games seems to be reveling in its new claim to an “independent” studio, promising many more updates in terms of what gamers can expect in the future, and also what looks like. office life.

Frankly, whatever the title of the people in charge of Planet side consider very little at the end of the day. Whether it’s an “independent studio” (with massive publisher support) or a new form of witchcraft and witchcraft, what matters is Planet 2The numbers are steadily decreasing, month after month, year after year.

Self-assigned titles tend to mean very little if there is no follow-up.

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